Artist application info

Thank you for your interest in Kunstportal.

Kunstportal is cost-free marketing channel for artists who would like to expose themselves to a bigger, international audience. As an artist in Kunstportal you can sell and show your artwork and communicate with the art-interested people as well as with other artists to create co-operative networks. Creating a profile in Kunstportal is completely free. We take 20% commission of every art piece sold through the portal.

As an artist in the Kunstportal you are free to sell your work on other sites, we do not want any limitations. But it is necessary that the artwork in Kunstportal is updated at all times.

You can apply as an artist in Kunstportal by creating yourself a profile page. Just by clicking the “artist application” tag that will appear after creating a profile, you can fill and send your application. Note! The pictures of the artwork should be good quality to show the best potential. You can also send an application letter (cv and artists web page / social media link/photos of the artwork) to We will contact you after our team has reviewed the profile. If any questions, we will answer as soon as possible.

More information

We add mandatory 5% art fee to the sales price and pay the fee to The Relief Fund for Visual Artists . This applies to original artworks over NOK 2000. Read more about the fee here.

Our art selling system is smooth and easy to use from artist and buyers perspective. The selling and buying processes can be controlled through your administration page – the selling artist will be responsible for the stock and the sending the artwork by him/herself. Before you apply, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

We receive many applications, so we hope you have some patience – we will go through the application as soon as possible and come back to you.

We have an early plan for the type art sold through our page. If you don`t get chosen this time, you can still use your profile and enjoy the Kunstportal´s art experience without the selling option. And you can always apply again later on.

Peace and love

We give away 10% of our profits. We give 5% back to the artists through our artist fund. Every year our artists can apply for support to their projects, exhibitions, travels and so on. We will announce the application deadline closer, so stay tuned.

The other 5% goes to our peace and love fund, where we invest and support projects that focus on helping those people in the society who need it the most and projects that aim to make the world a better place.

Welcome to be a part of Nordic Art Community!