Artist marketing

At first

Many artists are questioning how to promote themselves and gain visibility for the artwork. Artistic life is not always comfortable, as livelihood often consists of small pieces. Probably every artist, however, would like to earn his/her livelihood by doing art. Marketing can be seen as challenging, and it is not known precisely where to start. Like every self-employed person, the artist should also be aware of the rules of marketing and, for example, the most recent changes in social media.

We want to offer you something to get started with marketing. In this guide we provide you practical tips for marketing yourself and your work. We´ve put together the latest information on marketing from several sources, as well as putting our own know-how over the years.

Why is marketing important

1. The feeling is involved in all decision-making.

2. Marketing is necessary for everyone for customers to find your products. Every service event is unique, and a customer who gets good service tells it to others. “Bush telegraph” is a significant marketing channel in both good and bad.

Can you provide a service that no one else can offer? Are you the most reliable or fastest player in the industry? Think about your competitive advantage and bring it to the forefront of your entire marketing. Repeat your competitive advantage on websites, customer meetings, and marketing materials. Make yourself remembered through your competitive advantage.

3. Marketing is utilizing and capturing attention; it is the creation of imagery and the stirring of emotions, stories.

• Capture an attitude with an emotion
• Take advantage of all the senses
• Find a soul, do not trick
• Understand non-informed decision-making

In shorten, we remember things that involve emotions, a capture of attention, story or simplicity, something that is easy to perceive, and which invokes our emotions. “Create a story about yourself.”

Marketing has changed, the customer does not want to be just a consumer but an influential one. Credibility cannot be built on empty. The real marketing power doesn´t come from manipulation but from genuine content – that is where the soul comes out. To feel is important, it is important for all human activities. The emotional response is our first and fastest way to deal with information.The artist must develop his / her skills and determination to find new ways to present his / her works. The value of an artwork raises the impression that the work is unique and rare as a treasure, but only one can get it.

Finding the right price level is essential for both the artwork and the seller. The wrong price level causes that the work doesn´t sell, despite many attempts. The price level should be adjusted so, that the work finds its buyers and demand. Not too low to lose the interest or too high to banish the customers. The work, which has the artist´s signature, is more valuable than a similar non-signed. The buyer of the art wants a certificate for his purchase, so a certificate of authenticity is indispensable.

Also, pay attention to the quality of the frames if you sell the work in a frame. A professional framed work tells of high quality and that the materials are acid-free. The right framing gives you a professional image as an artist. Customers might be interested in frames and maybe do not buy an artwork if the frames are purchased from the shopping center. One considerable detail is also to eliminate the glazing of the glass by using a non-glazing material with the frames.

Customer re-purchasing percentage tells you how well you have been doing your job. If you provide high-quality service and enjoyable experiences, you will likely get your customers re-purchased. Selling to old customers is much easier and cheaper than finding new customers. Take good care of customer relations!

 Know yourself

To see it widely around you should first look at your own mind.
Helena Åhman, Mind Management Specialist

To be able to lead yourself, you must know yourself. If you think that you are an artist and your task is not to lead, then read the following: The artist´s profession is based on talent and creativity. Access to the art field is also required to gain access to training in the field, and recognition of the art field requires success. In building a successful work path, the contemporary artist must increasingly manage his or her own ” self -management,” representation, networking, and publicity. This requires leadership skills because you are the company that you will lead to a successful outcome.

The artist has the benefit of thinking as the leader: The leader needs intuition, feeling and creativity as much as an artist. See the unknown, where others can not see it yet. Your tool is your own life experience, not just the tricks and the techniques.

– Remember the goal and vision
– Understand what you are looking for
– Positive energy, passion, is as essential as intelligence

Good self-knowledge and trust is an important basis for self-management. By self-management, you can get to know yourself better, find your development, name your goals, and make plans to implement them. Self-management is psychological and physical personal well-being, stress and time management, emotional intelligence, emotional control, readiness to change, and change management. Leadership at its best produces positive energy and well-being both internally and externally.

The core competencies shared by all artists are the tolerance of change and uncertainty, the ability to discipline and the ability to evaluate their work. The artist must also have information on contract matters and financial issues, sales and marketing skills, budgeting skills and various other administrative skills.

Keeping our eyes on opportunities and solutions helps our brain work creatively. Take good care of yourself. If your mind is overcrowded, your creativity and problem-solving skills are affected. If we imagine all the obstacles and threats all the time, emotions related to them are activated. According to studies, we make the best decisions in a relaxed state where the emotional and intellectual brains are in the balance. Check out the mental traineeship!

If we find our problems internal, general, and permanent, we will be generally worse off. Maintaining hope is important. Of course, positive thinking cannot lead to it, we don’t want to raise disadvantages into view. Real rationality does not forget the feelings, but it makes use of emotion and intuition.

Make yourself a brand

Each of us has a personal brand, although many people may not necessarily recognize it, nor design it or market it effectively. Creating a brand is not narcissistic, but part of artist’s work. The brand means the buyer´s image of the product on the market. Imagery is influenced by the buyer´s experience and artist´s actions to strengthen the brand. Personal branding can be thought of as synonymous with reputation. It´s about how
other people see you and what they think of you. Personal branding means professionally integrating your professional identity.

The primary goal of creating a brand is to increase sales, and the brand itself is most efficiently built on the fact that people feel the way you feel about your product or service. Of course, experience must be in line with the image you want to create. The brand can not only be built for you. It must produce some added value for the target group. So, you must have something to offer to people.

It´s also good to remember that a professional brand is much more than just what the internet shows about you; it is also what other people tell about you. Your reputation is therefore significant for capital in the groove and brand building.

The most important thing is that the product you sell is of high quality. Only then can you build yourself a personal brand.

Designing your personal brand starts with your own self. What are your strengths and interests? What kind of personality are you? To clarify your own brand creation, you can take some of the benchmarks you are following. For example, you can learn about profiles which are particularly well-made and have the right kind of high-quality information.

Take advantage of social media in its´ various forms. Talk to your customers, make a statement and profile yourself as an expert. A good tip is to google yourself to see what kind of information you can find on the internet. What do search engines tell you? As the importance of social media is growing, it is important to be present on various social media channels. Among other things, you can, for example, write your own blog, set up your own website and participate in different forums. Additionally, you can take good, professional photos and even some small video. Use the same tone in all communications, whether you are on a client visit or writing a blog post. When you are consistent, your customers learn to know how you do it. This is how you can easily to be remembered as a person.

Take possession of your name as follows:

– Join Facebook
– Join Instagram
– Join LinkedIn
– Create a free blog with your name

Fill out the profiles with the information you want to bring about yourself. Link still profiles to each other. However, in building a brand, you must stay genuine; so you can not create a brand that is not real. Building a brand is a continuous job; it is not enough that you once create profiles on social media channels and network with different people. Profiles must be upgraded and maintained.

The individual brand demands expertise. Give persuasive statements and take a stand on topical issues. Be active in the web and in the magazines. You can grow your own expert role by contacting university or polytechnic in your area and offer them a free guest lecture. Academies are eager to invite external experts to lectures. After the show you can add a title to yourself ’Visiting Expert – University of Helsinki’. After that, you can also offer your labor input free of charge to some company. Ask them a referral right, so you can use the name of the company that issued the right in your marketing.

A social media toolkit

Social media channels and purchasing behavior change so fast that things that have been done a couple of years ago should no longer be considered, even if they had worked. Currently, the phone display dominates the world. The more a product or service requires consideration, the more you need to resource digital marketing. Customers spend a great deal of their time in social media, so the artists should also use it in their marketing. The net has become an essential part of art sales and markets. One of the biggest benefits is its ability to reach a large number of customers regardless of location.

Be there where your customers are

Facebook and Instagram are still the most widely used social media platforms. They have a better global engagement than other platforms. Social media trends 2018 predict that channels will no longer be distinguished in the same way as before, instrument-central thinking is getting lost. Social media is the operating environment for most people. Closed groups will become more popular. It is therefore wise to allow the creation of closed groups around your brand. Dialogue is especially important, as Facebook´s algorithm is announced that it wanted to bring about a debate between people. In other words, the releases will be on top of Facebook´s high scores, if they have plenty of commentaries. Not all updates will be brought to the news stream. Facebook seeks for cheerfulness, quality of
life, and dialogue instead of hate speech. High-quality content will be emphasized.

When you market your business in social media, ask yourself if your successor would share your release with their friends. Pay attention to the following:

– High-quality images
– Informative text
– Short headlines
– Interesting ending
– Using hashtags
– Live videos

The live video format is becoming increasingly popular and some platforms are continually developing their live features. Broadcasts get three times more visibility than other forms of publishing. Nothing can replace personal experience, but Facebook Live allows you to send video to your followers in real time. Take a video of the process of making your art, hanging an exhibition etc. Hashtags help you to focus your message. Use them, however, wisely, not to bomb the followers with tens of hashtags.

In marketing social media, the goals are to increase awareness among the target audience, build and engage the audience with active and personal communication, and guide them to, for example, shop online. The importance of product information – images, descriptions and technical information cannot be over-emphasized. Visitors come to the shop for products. Clients browsing products can not view products physically before making a purchase decision. The full range of product information aims to correct this “lack” of online commerce. The content of well-implemented product pages in the online store reflects the customer´s potential questions and awaken the purchase.

It´s about interaction. In designing your website, the first step is to think about its purpose. Why does your website exist? The website of an entrepreneur or freelancer has only one intention: to acquire new customers. The layout of the site should be clear and stylish. Each page must have a clearly visible contact form or contact information. The purpose of search engine optimization is to get web pages to appear as high as possible with search terms related to the website´s topic. Search engine optimization does not require any money because search engine rankings cannot be bought. If the site has technical barriers, the search engines cannot find it, and if the site does not have any links, Google does not value the site at all.

When you enter your presentation texts or blogs on your site, make them available to the reader to share them on Facebook. The number of Facebook shares is quite a good graph for content quality. Most of the websites are currently built on some content management software that usually has the basics in shape. Try to get your site to a good company. Contact your partners and ask them to add a link to their own pages. If your industry has cooperative organizations, try to get into view on their pages. Read relevant blogs and comment on interesting texts. Add a link to the same topic texts on your website. You should also take part in a discussion on your own industry in the social media and add a link to your own pages when it is appropriate. For free and pre-built search engine optimized websites, go to


Be genuine and honest, Personal and creative, Accurate and precise, Appreciate yourself and customers

Remember To network, To be on social media, To make yourself a pleasing brand

Good luck!