Artists: How to create a profile

Welcome new user! Hope you enjoy our website! Follow these instructions when creating a profile and if necessary, ask for advice.


  • Select from top of the menu bar ’Register Account’.
  • Fill the form: username and email address (most used).
  • Create a safe password and write it again.
  • Please tick: ’Registering as an artist’.
  • Read carefully: ’Terms and conditions’. After that please tick: ’I have read and accepted…’
  • Choose ’member type – artist’.
  • Choose your profile name (public).
  • Please fill in: ’About me’. Use your creativity and tell others positively about yourself and your artistic work. You can edit the text from the menu: Anything you add to ‘About me’ will appear in the home page of your profile. For example, to add a quotation from your favorite writer’s text, press the red circled quotation mark. Then add the quotation and press ‘Save Changes’ below. You can also choose from ‘This field can be seen by: Change’ to whom the quotation is displayed.


  • Add link (website, YouTube-video etc.)
  • Add your CV (in English) in paragraph: ’Artist CV’
  • Add your own website in ’Website Link’.
  • Location: Add for example the address of your workshop or just a country and locality.
  • You can add multiple social media links: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,  YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest. Be sure to check that the links work!
  • When making any changes, always press the bottom of the page ’Save Changes’!
  • Finally press ’Complete Sign Up’.
Now you have created a profile. The following section looks at other opportunities.


  • You can view your profile, edit it and change profile photo



  • In the upper right corner, you will find more information.
  • You can easily view any notifications, messages, orders etc. You can also keep your own blog! To add photos and videos to your blog, press + on the left.



  • Shop Dashboard allows you to add and remove works for sale. (This requires you to be an approved vendor)
  • You can add a start and end date to how long a work is available for sale. Then press Update


  • Select Add Product, when you want to add a work.
  • Add to Product Name your work name. If your work does not have a name, you can put it eg Untitled.
  • In Product Description, write the most accurate information about your work: year, size, technique etc.
  • In Product Short Description you can add same information than in Product Description. Short Description appears easier for the buyer.
  • From the Categories you can open the menu from which you can choose a suitable category for your work, for example Paintings.
  • From Colors you can choose from the menu the main color / colors of your work.
  • Search or add a tag… Use tags which describe your work, eg ’figure’, ’landscape’ etc.
  • Set Feature Image for your art piece. Remember the high quality of image!
  • You can then add to Gallery more photos from the work. Feature Image remains the main image. Adding video is also possible. Maximum upload file size 50 MB.
  • Add the price of the work.
Now you have added general information about your work. You can see your product at View Store. You can then add more detailed information about your work:
  • Under Inventory, you can manage the inventory status of your works as needed.
  • Under Shipping, you can choose to deliver works only at home country or abroad (recommended). You can add the size information of your work and already define the price of what the delivery costs.
  • In the Attributes menu, you can add more valuable information: Select an Attribute. Select eg ‘How is the artwork shipped?’ and press Add.
Once you get this far, we wish you success in sales!