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August 18, 2018 - March 4, 2019

#Dysturb poster at Horten Skatepark with photo by Eman Helal, photo: Benjamin Petit/Dysturb


#Dysturb presents photo journalism in a new and innovative way, completely independent from the restrictions of conventional news publishing channels. #Dysturb is an international group of freelance photographers who work on the streets and in urban spaces.

They try to raise awareness about important political issues by the use of news photography. When documentary photography is blown up in very large formats and thus becomes a part of the urban space, it will differ from conventional news coverage and thus reach a larger audience.

The aim of #Dysturb’s work is to make news stories wider accessible, encourage community involvement and generate public debate about current political issues. #Dysturb is working in an activist way with ‘paste-up’ of their photos.

The posters in Horten mark the beginning of a brand new campaign, where #Dysturb focuses on voilence against women. The images are respectful, serene and beautiful, and they aim to show difficult stories without victimizing their subjects. Some og the captions tell stories of dramatic destitinies. #Dysturb are seeking a reflection in the viewer, and not to tell what is right or wrong.

#Dysturb pairs each street paste-up with an online counterpart, creating an extensive gallery of current photojournalism for the public to access. The online platforms foster conversation and allow #Dysturb to collaborate with professionals in a range of fields, emphasizing the variety of approaches in which a topic is represented whilst heightening impact, accessibility and accuracy within stories.

They have made more than 500 paste-ups in over 40 cities worldwide, with perations in New York, Paris, Barcelona,  Bogota, Brussel, Melbourne, Krakow, New Orleans … and now 15 posters in Horten! Because of  both weather and human intervension, some of the posters are gone. The ten left are presented here. The posters are part of the exhibition Bending the Frame in Preus museum.

Please use the map in the web site to find all the locations!