Useful information to applicants


We have gathered here things you may want to know about our service. If any questions, don´t hesitate to contact

  • We are happy to present Nordic* artists to the international audience
  • You can apply by creating a profile page (choose alternative: apply as a vendor) or by sending us an email. We will contact you if the vendor profile will be published and you can start exhibiting through us
  • We are working and co-operating with established artists and new talents
  • We sell only original artwork (numbered prints included)
  • We work continuously on marketing in different medias internationally
  • It is completely free to join and exhibit art in
  • We choose our exhibited artists among the applications sent to us, and through the art agents working in the Nordic countries
  • All the applications are reviewed and curated by our art experts
  • We take 20% of commission of a sold art piece
  • Each artist chosen to exhibit with us will create a profile page. Artist also creates the content to the page him/her self **
  • Artist will be responsible of the art sending process and possible insurances him/her self, notice also that the customers may be located internationally
  • We reserve the right to curate the art exhibited through us
  • Artist will be paid on the last day of the month when the artwork is sold through Kunstportal
  • We expect that the photos used in art selling purposes are professional and high quality. After posting the photos in, they can be used in marketing purposes without asking a permission from the artists


Terms and conditions can be found here.


*Artists with Nordic nationality or permanently based and working in one of the Nordic countries

** Specific regulation of the content is found in terms and conditions