You who have made the law, whoever you are, obey the law

The “Law Shifters” exhibition will take place from 11th January until 13th May. A real experience not to be missed, in one of the main and major galleries of Copenhagen. Located right in the heart of the city, in the middle of the triangle between Nyhavn, the street of the Strøget, and a smaller branch of the Havnebussen, the famous Nikolaj Kunsthal stands out in all its majesty. In fact, differently from most of the other galleries, it
hosts cyclic exhibitions inside a space which in the past was a real church (the Nikolaj church).

On the second floor of this particular exhibition space, we find the exhibition “Law Shifters”  by the Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen. Starting from 2016 she started to research about the creation of this apparently simple but in reality complex and structured work, which also gives the title to the exhibition. We immediately notice a large and articulate symmetrical structure, at the center of which there is a large dark container, and at the ends many other dark parallelepipeds. They are connected to each other, and passing through the center, by transparent and empty tubes. At one end we find real containers filled with parchments, on the other hand we find “lecterns” showing indications. We also find written about the contents of dark containers: gender equality, climate, education, privacy law, freedom of expression. In fact, this art work is a personal gaze, but connected to an objective reality, which the artist applies to contemporaneity and in particular to the society to which we belong. In fact, the artist puts us not only ideally but also actively and practically, in comparison with the limits of our social reality, starting from justice and law.

“Law Shifters”, Stine Marie Jacobsen, 2018 Installation view: Law Shifters, Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2018 Photo by Gregorio Vignola

The topics mentioned above, in fact, are the “issues” selected by the artist and placed to the attention of the spectator who will write a “law” by his own hand. Is required to write it in a simple way, with normal words and daily terms. Subsequently a team of expert translators, lawyers, judges and writers will ensure that what has been written will be after express in the form of valid legal and legislative terms.

“Law Shifters”, Stine Marie Jacobsen, 2018 Installation view: Law Shifters, Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2018 Photo by Gregorio Vignola

In this case, the social political reality, clashes with the law, but giving the viewer the possibility of expressing himself. Almost as if he were dealing with a real context of “direct democracy” the citizen, as visitor, puts himself in the first line for himself. The idea of change, proposal, modification and change, hovers around this whole interactive installation. The bookcases are designed not only as writing posts, but are also provided with suggestions and questions, to help draft the text and the law. Once the writing is complete, the sheet is rolled up, and closed with a special plastic ring, the law will be inserted into the tube starting from the station of the chosen topic. By pressing a red key, the sheet will be powerfully sucked from the central machine and brought directly into the opposite container on the same subject.

In an interactive, sensitive and powerful way, Stine Marie brings to our attention something very close and current. What concerns our society, also directly concerns us and in a time in which often everything seems either too intricate or too “simple” to find an objective solution, the artist gives us the opportunity to get involved and be active, through his art. In a work, as well as a project, in equilibrium between art and politics we find the possibility, and perhaps the will, of being active in our lives.


Gregorio / Kunstportal

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