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Georg Douglas

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Born 1945 in Co. Derry, N.Ireland. Icelandic citizenship since 1975. Wife Icelandic. Has lived and worked in Iceland since 1972.


B.Sc (1967) and Ph.D. (1973) degrees in earth science.

Turned seriously to art in 2005.

I am partly self taught and I read very widely on art.

However, I have also attended full-term formal courses at Iceland´s two art colleges continually since 2005, Reykjavík Art College and Kópavogur Art College. Courses have included painting and life drawing as well as one to one tuition from well known Icelandic artists. I have been painting almost daily since 2005. My field of interest has been semi-abstract work inspired by the world of nature and Irish dancing.

I feel that art should be very visual, appealing to the emotions or creating an atmosphere. I like my paintings therefore to be strong, whether from colour, form or something else. I want them to invoke an immediate reaction, either confronting the viewers or drawing them in to the work, so I aim for the dramatic. In my semi-abstract flower inspired paintings I include features such as flowers, stems and petals, I also  extend our field of vision by including elements visible only from a microscope or molecular model such as plant tissue and protein spirals or pollen grains and I think that this aspect comes from my scientific background and training. I also like to obfuscate by ignoring scale and jumbling elements with no real foreground or background. This mirrors the complexity of nature itself and leaves something to the viewer´s imagination. My original scientific background has directly enabled me to blend art and science.



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Mosfellsbær, ICELAND

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Georg Douglas

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