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August Hagberg

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I am mesmerized by the perfect balance in our world, allowing us to exist so easily.
How the composition of oxygen gives us the possibility to breath.
The way gravity let us rest, sit and walk.
How the ozone layer protects us from the deep darkness of space.
The way materials of the nature has the variety in texture to both eat from and build houses to live in.

In my paintings I want to create an alternative to reality. A place where the law of gravitation is distorted, where heavy objects can fly and thin strings are unmovable.
With my feelings I describe what I see and what I experience in my everyday, by not describing it.

Instead I create an alternative that is similar but tweaked, with the wish to remind us of how beautiful and complex our reality is.


Malmgårdsvägen 8, Stockholm, Sverige

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August Hagberg

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