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Sari Bremer printmaker

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About my printmaking
In my pictures I’m showing places I’ve never physically been to. The images are allegorical. Yet I wish them to also function on a purely visual level, each whole & complete in itself; tales that need not be interpreted.
 I want the viewer to experience through the images, strange places, situations and phenomena.
The pictures are windows on to elsewhere, to forgotten tales and lost myths.
The images can contain familiar figures and symbols and may at first evoke that which is archetypal. But on further reflection the meaning might not be so obvious.
 The symbols become more enigmatic.
In my pictures I’m dwelling on the edges. 
The subject matter changes and shifts freely from the stormy sea to the impenetrable jungle.
 I want the known and the unknown to meet.

About the medium

The pieces are multi color etchings made using 2-3 copper plates, where the picture that is drawn and painted on the plate is then etched with iron chloride acid to the plates. The image is printed from the plates to paper with an etching press, forming the picture itself. The technique is laborious and time consuming, and every stage is made by hand. From the plates you can make many prints, but every printing process is handcraft and takes many hours to do. I do all my printing myself, and find it an important part of the creating process, as all the prints are individual with slight variations.
Still I feel that I’ve succeeded with my craft if the technique is not the main issue in the artwork. For me the image is the most important issue and the viewer doesn´t have to know how the picture was made.

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Helsinki, Finland

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Sari Bremer printmaker

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