Järkeni ei riitä (My Sense is not Enough). Photo by Veera Konsti

The newest play at the Helsinki Student Theatre, Ylioppilasteatteri, is called Järkeni ei riitä and is directed by Hannes Mikkelsson. The name forms an interesting play with words that can roughly be translated in English as My Sense is not Enough. The play invites the audience inside an intriguing work of art that offers the chance to think about the state of the world and where we are heading. Instead of having a
structured plot, the show resembles spatial arts and live installations that raise questions of our relationship with the nature.

Järkeni ei riitä (My Sense is not Enough). Photo by Veera Konsti

The audience is met by one of the actors at the door and guided into the room and through the stage full of garbage. We are taken as a part of this dystopic scene without a choice to just receive it passively. The actors are twisting and moving around in the trash. One by one they start
contemplating their thoughts about what is going on in our world. The others crawl to the sides of the space and sit with emptiness in their eyes. Like they would one by one try to make sense of things but fall back to a state of passiveness.

Järkeni ei riitä (My Sense is not Enough). Photo by Veera Konsti

In this play, grotesquely everything is for the human. The forest is a place for the human to contemplate his thoughts or ask for echoes of his own voice. It is nice only when it is not dark and it is responsive to the human. It can also be cut down when wanted. The human even tries to exercise
power over an empty shampoo bottle by telling how it is nothing. All the trash on the floor has once been full of something for the human. Now it is meaningless discomfort and even a whole person can be lost in the middle of it. Also the sun gets pinned down to the floor and the actors haunt it likea hurt pray. It makes you wonder about how long we can keep on draining the earth for our benefit.

The show engages the audience even during the intermission, when we can have a nature experience under a built shelter at the terrace with a view to the shopping street of Aleksanterinkatu. This sums up well the little queer feeling that has been running along during the whole play. Does nature exist just for the human to have experiences and items and where has the thought of us being a part of it disappeared? During the show, nature is made into a product or consumed as a separate object.

The play consists of two very different parts and the second one allows the audience to contemplate the stories of meaningfulness in a more comfortable environment letting you feel that there are still things that can be done to improve the situation. Even though we sometimes isolate ourselves as something separate from nature or even as something superior to it, we are still a seamless part of it. This can be forgotten in the middle of hectic city life, but Järkeni ei riitä reminds you again of how everything is connected.

Karoliina / Kunstportal


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