“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
 Gary Snyder

The exhibition “The Water” is an original and unmissable event at The Cisterns of Frederiksberg for a duration of almost a year (it will end the 2nd of February). This particular event allows us to explore the areas just outside the center of Copenhagen, which is one of the greenest areas of the

“The Water”, Sambuichi Hiroshi (2017)  Installation view: The Water”, The Cisterns, 2018 Photo by Vignola Gregorio.

“The Water”, Sambuichi Hiroshi (2017) Installation view: The Water”, The Cisterns, 2018 Photo by Vignola Gregorio.

Dedicated and built by the famous and award-winning architect Sambuichi Hiroshi, the work moves into the enormous and evocative space of The Cisterns, giving us the opportunity to touch the aesthetics and the suggestion, as well as the philosophy, of the oriental artist. He was born as an architect, famous for his ideas that always combine architecture, and the idea of ​​space in general, with the surrounding natural landscape. In fact he took years to study the soil and the landscape, even before approaching the choice of architectural forms that he will later build, always starting from the first element of nature. In this specific case the artist is mainly measured with the element of water; always starting from natural elements, he gives life to a purely dark place where only according to precise rules dictated by the climate and sunlight, alternating with sources of artificial light, we can see and move safely. Through a complex wooden structure placed above the surface of the water that fills all the possible exhibition space, the spectator must first measure himself with a state of darkness that does not facilitate, but rather hinders, movements. Only afterwards with the progress of time, the eye can get used to the darkness that reigns, and slowly regain the ability to move safely.


It is also possible to perceive the artist´s interest in the natural development of rhythms and time, observing how even the hours in which it is possible to visit the exhibition follow month by month the estimated hours for the sunset. In this sense we can not say that the exhibition limits itself to being a space or a simple installation, since the natural performative element also becomes part of the work.

In a mysterious environment, where silence and austerity reign, time seems to be articulated only by the echo produced by the steps on the wooden structures on which we move. However visually the stillness and the hush of this arcane place breaks down, thanks to the drops that fall from above and which make the mantle of water vibrate that becomes in an instant, alive. Thanks to the simplicity and the nature of the elements that alternate in this space, it often seems complex to understand when observing an “architectural / structural” element, and when instead we are dealing with something more “scenographic”.

The whole space seems sometimes treated as a "cave” and sometimes as a mystical and secret place, with the alternation of natural elements such as grass / moss, water, wood and light, and artificial elements such as mirrors, lights artificial,tubing and glass, creates a dynamic and stimulating environment. Almost all the senses are stimulated and influenced by the atmosphere in which Sambuichi inserts us, and even without the awareness of the artis´s work and philosophy, it is possible to be amazed and perceive the vibrant and magical atmosphere of this place.

Between lights, reflections, nature and architecture, we touch the research and the thought of the oriental artist, returning to reflect and to immerse ourselves in what is our relationship with nature in our living the contemporary. In total absence of technology, this experience also seems to propose itself as something alternative and “mystical”, compared to everyday life.

Gregorio / Kunstportal


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