Anna Björklund and sculpture Eco sound, photo by Juha Hilpas.

In this world filled with images, how often do we stop to explore what kinds of sounds objects make? Master students of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture examined the essence of sounds in their course and the Sonic Sculpture Exhibition was created as a result of this.

The audience is often forbidden from touching the artwork, but in Sonic Sculpture the visitor is a part of making the pieces. The sculptures invite you to pause and investigate what kind of sounds they have, not applied to them as a decoration, but as a part of the sculptures form itself. In the exhibition, you can listen how running a microphone on your skin or on moss sounds like. It makes you ponder that if you just see an object, you are missing a lot of its essence. The sculptures also make you think about the link between the sound and the visual look of an object. In Viivi Lehto-Peltomäki’s piece Inside the box / Outside the box you can try to visualize unknown objects by their sound. In the piece Forks and Landscapes by Juho Luukkainen, you can also try how sound waves feel when vibrating in wood while you are playing your own tunes with tuning forks.

Sonic Sculpture Exhibition 18.11.17 - 30.11.1

Photo by Tytti Arola

I got the opportunity to have one of the artists, Anna Björklund, guide me through the exhibition and to talk with her a little more about her art. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences and is now doing her master’s degree in Aalto University in the program of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art. Her work in the exhibition is called Eco sound. It is located outside and plays a rough melody when moved by the wind. For Björklund it was clear that she wanted to make a piece that produces sound without human touch. It is mesmerizing to listen to the simple melody playing in the pace of the wind.                                                                    

Before this Björklund had not been working with sound art or sculptures so she joined the course to get new challenges. She found working with sounds very intriguing and got interested in all the mathematics behind them. She also liked to work with sculptures: “I found that with a sculpture you really have to work with the material for a while to get to know it and how it works.”

During her studies in Tampere Björklund specialized in video art and she has worked with several video art projects after that. Now she is applying for a grant to continue with the theme of her diploma work. In her diploma work Anna built her own round camera from about 300 pinhole cameras and took pictures of moving people. She found it interesting how by using a long exposure time the people in the pictures started dissolving and fusing into each other and started to remind abstract energy.

After the Sonic Sculpture Exhibition one really feels calm and focused. During the interview Björklund mentioned how she finds that one of the many important functions of art is to make people stop and take time to just ponder about things. “It is important to have moments when you are not in a hurry anywhere and you can just stop to examine something in peace. Also art can arouse peoples’ curiosity and in some things words are just not enough. Art speaks its own language and some things are just easier to express by art.”

Karoliina / Kunstportal


Sonic Sculpture Exhibition 18.11.17 – 30.11.1

Workshop leader:

Derek Holzer

Workshop artists:

Tytti Arola
Anna Björklund
Elena Burtseva
Mahnaz Khanpour Motazedi
Jimi Laaksonen
Tino Laaksonen
Hanna Laeslehto
Viivi Lehto-Peltomäki
Juho Luukkainen
Monica Vlad

Aalto Learning Center
Otaniementie 9




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